When you are leaving a destination, you always take with you memories about your favoritemoments during the vaccation. I would like to share my favorites within the most common categories. 

Restaurant - Panorama:
Fantastic food, amazing view and great service.

Activity - MyPet:
Fun, fast and you explore a lof of the city.

To-do-after-dinner - Sunset on the beach:
A walk on the beach, watch the sunset and enjoy the view.

Dinner - Pesto Ravioli:
Amazing taste, creamy and so delicious.

Hotel - Gardenia:
Fresh rooms, good service an wonderful view from room and restaurant.
Familyday - Aqua Park:
Full of wateractivities, pool and sunchairs.

Salon - Cut By Celal:
Manicure, pedicure, fix of eyebrow, fishspa, hairexstension for good price and nice service.
Must-do - Visit the cliff and the castle:
It is unique for the city, has a beautiful view on the top and it is very cozy with markets and restaurants along the way up.
Bar - Panderosa, Queens Garden and Hollywood:
So much energi, dancing, such a mood, very tasty drinks and a lot of people.

A-day-in-the-sun-but-not-the-beach - Palm Beach Club:
Both pool and beach, the best smoothies I ever tasted and good music. 

Excursion - Apollos Pearl:
A day out on the ocean, stop to see caves, turquoise water, turkish lunch, relax in the sun on a boatdeck.
My-favorite-thing-to-do - The beach:
Lay in the sun with a cold drink and the ocean in front of you. I love it.
What is your favoritething to do in Alanya? 


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