If you want to spend a day on a river with a cozy feeling and enjoy the sun, you should spend a day with Manavgat River Boat. Manavgat is a small and beautiful village which is located 6 kilometers from Side, Alanyas sister-city. Manavgat River Boat is a boattour who takes you to the village over a day. You can spend the day at the beach, you can walk around and experience the unique markets or by a picknick and eat by the turquoise-green river. The boattour will also show you Manavgats wonderful and amazing waterfall.
The pickup from the guests hotel starts at 9.30 in the morning and the bussdrive takes around 20 minutes to the river. The boat leaves 11 o´clock and your are home again at 16. Lunch will be served at the boat. On Board the boat you also have the opportunity to to by something to drink or eat, chips and icecream (not a part of the price).
The Manavgat-river is 3-4 meters deep and 70 kilometers long. You will sail 8 of this 70 kilometers. It is possible to swim in the refreshing river that not stay more than 16 degrees during all summer. You can also swim in the sea which is just across the embankment.
During the boattour there will be a man who takes photos of all the guests and if you want to you can by one or two photos of him afterwards. The price is 3 euro per photo.
If you are lucky, you might be able to see a turtle or a pelican.
For this day in Manavgat with pickup, transport, lunch and boattour you will pay 75 turkish lira, which represent 30 euro or 300 swedish crowns.
The waterfall
The boat (in nature)
The boat (In city)
The river
Wonderful waterfall
Would you like to spend a relaxing day in the sun on a boat in Manavgat-river?


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