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As I said, this is my last blogpost about Alanya, but who knows - maybe this blog will developed into an travelblog where you can read about more destinations than Alanya?
Thank You and I hope you will come back to my blog soon! 
I will finish my blog with a "picture-bomb" with some of my best memories from Alanya. 
Alanya - I hope we will see each other again soon! 


Alanya has the ability that if you have visit the city once, you are not satisfied, you have to go back. I, my family and my friends who have visited Alanya say that they would rather go back to Alanya than a greek city they previously visited. And then you can ask the question: how is that? Is it because of the feeling in the city? Experiences? Or because the Turks are so nice and lovely? Why is Alanya such a popular and well-liked destination for tourists of all ages? 
It is very common for destinations, mainly in Europe, to get a stamp over it that symbolizes what the city has to offer. A known example is Paris and Romanticism. If you were to describe Alanya with one word, I can guarantee that the majority would say party. Obviously, the symbolstamps are based on a cause, which agrees that Paris is a romantic city and Alanya is a city full of party. However, it is seldom the outside that defines one's content, but the entire contents.
Alanya is a combination of a fast-paced, familly-friendly and relaxing destination. The turkish city has something to offer for all ages no matter what gender you are or what interests you have. Whether you are looking for peace & tranquility, adventure, fitness, party, forest adventures, history, cooking, adrenaline, relaxation or a good beer, you can find it in Alanya. Although there are many different choices of activities, so does one not disturb the other. For example if you do not want party, will it not disturb you. Alanya is "constructed" as a sound society for everyone's interest.
The unique in Alanya that make the city stand out is the turkish culture. The turkish kitchen is a mix of influences from around the Mediterranean, fascinating is also the turkish traditions and history behind the cliff and the castle. Sure, Greece has Acropolis and Souvlaki, even small Karlskrona has a rope-bridge, but no other city has a pointed cliff with a castle wall that overlooks the ocean. No other country can serve Dönerkebab or the small Alanyabananas. 
Turkish traditions like picking eyebrows with string, shaving with a knife and fire, hamam and folkdance is an important part of the turkish society and also the tourism in the country. Turks are not shy or afraid to show off their traditions, their country or its people. which means that during your vacation, you will definitely get to know the turkish climate.
I have traveled in Europe and experienced many wonderful destinations in both Greece, Italy, Spain and Croatia. But it was only in Alanya that I discovered several activities and experiences beyond the traditional field of tourism as banana boating, cheap shopping, ice cream bars or cozy beachwalks. Alanya offers unique experiences that you can not find the equivalent in other European countries. A clear favorite for me was MyPet, while my dad appreciated the locally brewed beer and my sister enjoyed a walk through the mountains with caves and beautiful waterfalls. Together we most enjoyed the excursions to Manavgat and Dimcay which are both experiences on some amazing rivers. 
The typical turkish in combination with all the fun and unique things I've written about to see, do, taste and experience is what makes Alanya becoming a popular destination. Besides, Turkey is the most sun safe option around the Mediterranean. There is a reason why Turkey and Alanya is placed on topthree-destinations on both Ving and Apollo. The most important factor is that Alanya is a prime destination for both young and old, singles and couples, friends or families with children, young people or seniors. An ultimate destination offering something for everyone - something Alanya live up to.
Alanya is the European equivalent to The Big Apple and The City That Never Sleeps, but the city may instead call itself The Big Banana (Alanya bananas). The turkish city is a city that you never get tired of, and that there is always something to do in. Why not go there and experience Alanya you too?
Do you agree with me about my conclusion? 


In this post I will show you my top-5-list about Alanya and I am gonna let the pictures speak for themselves!
1. MyPet
2. Restaurant Panorama
3. The Cliff
4. Palm Beach Club
5. (Restaurant &) Bar Panderosa
What is your favoritethings about Alanya?


There are a lof ot things that is typical turkish, meaning things that you only could find or do in Turkey. It is one of the reason why the city is so attractive to tourist, especially for tourists to come back to the country. Here is a list of things that is typical turkish and that you should try when you are in Alanya:
The best massage I ever tried. It incudes sauna, facemask, massage, foammassage, cold bubblepool, shower and appletea. You also get free pick-up from and to your hotel.
The most famous turkish drink. It reminds of yoghurt.
The Cliff:
Alanyas most famous attraction. It is unique, beautiful and amazing.
Turkeys most delicious course. A real turkish kebab is the best.
Turkeys local beer, a must if you like beer.
The founder of the Turkish Republican. A great former leader and president of the country.
If you visit Alanya, you must try something that is typical turkish!


When you are leaving a destination, you always take with you memories about your favoritemoments during the vaccation. I would like to share my favorites within the most common categories. 

Restaurant - Panorama:
Fantastic food, amazing view and great service.

Activity - MyPet:
Fun, fast and you explore a lof of the city.

To-do-after-dinner - Sunset on the beach:
A walk on the beach, watch the sunset and enjoy the view.

Dinner - Pesto Ravioli:
Amazing taste, creamy and so delicious.

Hotel - Gardenia:
Fresh rooms, good service an wonderful view from room and restaurant.
Familyday - Aqua Park:
Full of wateractivities, pool and sunchairs.

Salon - Cut By Celal:
Manicure, pedicure, fix of eyebrow, fishspa, hairexstension for good price and nice service.
Must-do - Visit the cliff and the castle:
It is unique for the city, has a beautiful view on the top and it is very cozy with markets and restaurants along the way up.
Bar - Panderosa, Queens Garden and Hollywood:
So much energi, dancing, such a mood, very tasty drinks and a lot of people.

A-day-in-the-sun-but-not-the-beach - Palm Beach Club:
Both pool and beach, the best smoothies I ever tasted and good music. 

Excursion - Apollos Pearl:
A day out on the ocean, stop to see caves, turquoise water, turkish lunch, relax in the sun on a boatdeck.
My-favorite-thing-to-do - The beach:
Lay in the sun with a cold drink and the ocean in front of you. I love it.
What is your favoritething to do in Alanya? 


If you want to spend a day on a river with a cozy feeling and enjoy the sun, you should spend a day with Manavgat River Boat. Manavgat is a small and beautiful village which is located 6 kilometers from Side, Alanyas sister-city. Manavgat River Boat is a boattour who takes you to the village over a day. You can spend the day at the beach, you can walk around and experience the unique markets or by a picknick and eat by the turquoise-green river. The boattour will also show you Manavgats wonderful and amazing waterfall.
The pickup from the guests hotel starts at 9.30 in the morning and the bussdrive takes around 20 minutes to the river. The boat leaves 11 o´clock and your are home again at 16. Lunch will be served at the boat. On Board the boat you also have the opportunity to to by something to drink or eat, chips and icecream (not a part of the price).
The Manavgat-river is 3-4 meters deep and 70 kilometers long. You will sail 8 of this 70 kilometers. It is possible to swim in the refreshing river that not stay more than 16 degrees during all summer. You can also swim in the sea which is just across the embankment.
During the boattour there will be a man who takes photos of all the guests and if you want to you can by one or two photos of him afterwards. The price is 3 euro per photo.
If you are lucky, you might be able to see a turtle or a pelican.
For this day in Manavgat with pickup, transport, lunch and boattour you will pay 75 turkish lira, which represent 30 euro or 300 swedish crowns.
The waterfall
The boat (in nature)
The boat (In city)
The river
Wonderful waterfall
Would you like to spend a relaxing day in the sun on a boat in Manavgat-river?

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