At the same time as we were in Alanya, it was a soccergame between Sweden and France and also the swedish tradition Midsummer. You thought you will miss them both, but you were wrong! In Alanya they like to arrange events for the tourists!
We went to the restaurant and bar "Panderosa" to watch the soccer. The restaurant had fixed a bigscreen so everybody could see it. It was a really nice mood to sit with a lot of swedes and scream of happiness together when Sweden made a goal. Many people also had Sweden-shirt, Sweden-flags on their cheeks, Sweden-wig, even better for the mood! It was really fun to experience a soccergame in Alanya!

The bigscreen in the background

Go Sweden!
A beachclub called "Palm Beach Club" (located on Kleopetra Beach) arranged an event for Scandinavien people to celebrate Midsummer. For 100 turkish lira, which represent 50 euro or 400 swedish crowns you got yourself a ticket and this is what the price included: Dinner, dessert, snaps, a performance with a magician, two performances with the swedish artist Nanne Grönwall, singalong with all the guest, dancing around the midsummer-pole and an amazing evening with a lot of memories. It was over 100 tourists and guests in different ages who celebrate, singing and dancing together on the club and the beach. As you can see on the pictures, it is a tradition to wear a Midsummer-wreath made of flowers. Are they not beuatiful?

Swedish Midsummer-food

Olivia and Jessica

Nanne Grönwall in action

My Midsummer-company

Olivia and me

The great Nanne Grönwall

Swedish Midsummer-pole

Dancing around the Midsummer-pole

Mingle with Nanne Grönwall
A great eveing!
Alanya will take good care of you and your traditions!


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