In Alanya, you can find a lot of shopping to good prices! Both in stores and on markets. In the centrum you find a shoppingarea called "Bazaar". You can find many brands like Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and so on. Most of the prices are cheaper then regular stores, but still it is important to try to bargain with the price. The seller mostly tries to get a higher price than it is worth, to make more money, so do not buy anything without try to bargain. You will be surprised if you have patience!
I bought candlelights, a onepiece, a photoalbum, a bag, a wallet, a dress, bracelets, keyrings, souveniers and much more. The good thing with the shopping is that it open during the evening, so you can go shopping after dinner if you want to. Most of the stores and markets close at midnight. That is good, right?
The shopping will not disappoint you!


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