Many people think of Alanya as a partycity and all you do is party, drink and dance. That is not true, but it is a part of Alanyas popular tourism. The city is attractive to many young people who want to come away and have fun for a week.
The partyarea is gathered together in the centrum. You do not pay for entry, so you can go around from bar to bar or club to club. The price for a large drink is around 20 turkish lira, which represent 80 swedish crowns or 10 euro. My favoriteclubs are Panderosa, Havanna and Hollywood. The clubs close at 3 in the morning, but you can go to a place called Summergarden for afterparty to 4 o´clock.
Most of the clubs arrange shows or themenights for the tourists, so you will never get bored. Most of the people I met are from Scandinavia, meaning Norway, Denmark and Sweden. They are not shy, so you will probably sit and talk with other people then you came to the club with aswell.
Some of you maybe wondering if Turks are sleazy, paws and take on you or something. And yes, it happends, but it is not only Turks, it is tourists aswell. 95% of Turks are really nice, fun and friendly!
The party in Alanya is fun, different and something you never will forget. You meet so much nice people and have a great time! The reputation of Alanya as one of the best partycities is true!

Me and Olivia in action

Olivia, Jessica and Emelie

One of the clubs - Robin Hood

Bartender show at Panderosa


Our awesome friends - some of the crew from Panderosa

Im a bartender

My girls

My sweet Olivia

Best friends

Tolga and Michael

This is how much fun we had (failed jumppicture)!
If I would describe party with one word I would say Alanya!

Jessica Holm

Åh vad mysigt!! Ni måste komma igen, fina bilder :D

Svar: Ja det måste vi verkligen! Hoppas allt är bra med dig :D

2013-03-30 @ 19:46:15

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