During my two visits, I stayed in two different hotels. The first time in june, me and Olivia stayed on "Grand Okan", a four star hotel and in august, me and mom stayed on "Gardenia", also a four star hotel. Both of the hotels lies in a "hotel line" along with Kleopatra beach. From both hotels it is only 20 meters to the beach! You can walk to the center, it is 100-600 meters (depending on where you are going) to restaurants, shopping and for example mini golf.
What did I think about the hotels then?
Both hotels are very fresh, nice, clean and with good service. They are almost neighbours, so the distance to activities are not that different. The price for the week was also almost the same. We paid around 5000-6000 swedish crowns (500-600 euro) for the hotel, the flight and the transport from the airport. On the hotels you could find photographer, hairdresser, masseurs and service 24 hours a day every day.
On "Grand Okan" we lived on the groundfloor and had a cozy balcony and had a view over the beach. We had breakfast and dinner included in the price. The buffet was delicious! The restaurant was on the groundfloor and also around the poolarea. The pool was quite big, also a childrenpool, had a poolbar where you could buy drinks or icecream and there was many sunbeds available.
On "Gardenia" we lived on the fifth floor and had a beautiful view over the beach, ocean and the cliff. We had only breakfast included in the price, but it was yummie! The restaurant were on the top floor, so you had a very good start on your day with the outlook over the city. Along the sides of the hotel there was balconies, so it was only around 10 tables to sit outside. The poolarea was quite small, but it had a childrenpool and a waterslide.
Pictures from "Grand Okan":


At the restaurant

Our cozy balcony

The hotel from the frontside
Pictures from "Gardenia":

View from our balcony

The hotel

Me on our balcony

View over the park

View from the restaurant on the topfloor
I can recommend both of the hotels! But....
If you want a fresh and nice pool - choose "Grand Okan".
If you want a amazing view - choose "Gardenia".


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