If you want to go on a full-day excursion, I can recommend Alanyas neighboring city Side. Side is most famous for its fascinating history with the citywall, ruins of the Roman amphitheater and the temple of Apollo. The city is perfect for you who have an archaeological and ancient interest as well for you who want to have a beautiful and relaxing beach. 
From Alanya to Side it takes about 45-60 minutes with bus. You can also choose to rent a car and drive by your self (the gasoline is not expensive in Turkey), it would propably save you some time. 
The combination of the old harbour and the turquoise water is really wonderful. Along the harbour you can find many restaurants with amazing view. We ate lunch at "Temple Restaurant" because we had read about it in a travel-appendix from the swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet". Excellent food, good service and nice waiters, you should try the restaurant if you go to Side. 
When we were in Side it was cloudy, so we mostly visited the antique monuments. You can also find a lot of cheap shopping, both in markets and in stores. We found "Turkish Ullared" (Ullared is a swedish low-price-company), they had good quality and low prices for a lof of different brands like Adidas, Lacoste and OnePiece. 
Three of the citys characteristics
The temple of Apollo 
The entrance of the citywall 
A restaurant in the middle of the ruins called "Temple Restaurant"
The temple of Apollo 
Small and cozy street
"Temple Restaurant" 
Street full of shopping 
Turkish specialty made in a pot 
"Turkish Ullared" 
Side is the perfect option to spend a day! 


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