If you want to go on a full-day excursion, I can recommend Alanyas neighboring city Side. Side is most famous for its fascinating history with the citywall, ruins of the Roman amphitheater and the temple of Apollo. The city is perfect for you who have an archaeological and ancient interest as well for you who want to have a beautiful and relaxing beach. 
From Alanya to Side it takes about 45-60 minutes with bus. You can also choose to rent a car and drive by your self (the gasoline is not expensive in Turkey), it would propably save you some time. 
The combination of the old harbour and the turquoise water is really wonderful. Along the harbour you can find many restaurants with amazing view. We ate lunch at "Temple Restaurant" because we had read about it in a travel-appendix from the swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet". Excellent food, good service and nice waiters, you should try the restaurant if you go to Side. 
When we were in Side it was cloudy, so we mostly visited the antique monuments. You can also find a lot of cheap shopping, both in markets and in stores. We found "Turkish Ullared" (Ullared is a swedish low-price-company), they had good quality and low prices for a lof of different brands like Adidas, Lacoste and OnePiece. 
Three of the citys characteristics
The temple of Apollo 
The entrance of the citywall 
A restaurant in the middle of the ruins called "Temple Restaurant"
The temple of Apollo 
Small and cozy street
"Temple Restaurant" 
Street full of shopping 
Turkish specialty made in a pot 
"Turkish Ullared" 
Side is the perfect option to spend a day! 


Turkish music have a big influence in Europe and USA. One of Turkeys most famous artist is Tarkan with his hitsong "Simarik" ("Kiss Kiss").
During my visits in Alanya I heard a lot of music that plays in Sweden and typical partymusic. This is some songs that played over and over again in the city, most on bars, discos and restaurants:
Vengaboys - Take me to the city
Tacabro - Tacatá
Loreen - Euphoria
Alina Devecerski - Flytta på dig (Move)
Gustavo Lima - Balada Boa
Panetoz - Dansa Pausa (Dance Pause)
Oceana - Endless Summer
Ukendt Kunstner - Hey Hey Alanya
Bingo Players - Rattle
Psy - Gangnam Style
Kat Deluna - Drop It Low
Will.I.Am feat Eva Simons – This is love
Matteo – Champion
Tarkan - Öp
Enjoy the music!


Something really nice and relaxing is a walk through the park, especially during sunset. It is really beautiful with the palm trees, bridges and fountains. My favoriteparks are along Kleopatra beach and in the harbour. Im gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy this lovely views!
Quite cozy, right?


Many people think of Alanya as a partycity and all you do is party, drink and dance. That is not true, but it is a part of Alanyas popular tourism. The city is attractive to many young people who want to come away and have fun for a week.
The partyarea is gathered together in the centrum. You do not pay for entry, so you can go around from bar to bar or club to club. The price for a large drink is around 20 turkish lira, which represent 80 swedish crowns or 10 euro. My favoriteclubs are Panderosa, Havanna and Hollywood. The clubs close at 3 in the morning, but you can go to a place called Summergarden for afterparty to 4 o´clock.
Most of the clubs arrange shows or themenights for the tourists, so you will never get bored. Most of the people I met are from Scandinavia, meaning Norway, Denmark and Sweden. They are not shy, so you will probably sit and talk with other people then you came to the club with aswell.
Some of you maybe wondering if Turks are sleazy, paws and take on you or something. And yes, it happends, but it is not only Turks, it is tourists aswell. 95% of Turks are really nice, fun and friendly!
The party in Alanya is fun, different and something you never will forget. You meet so much nice people and have a great time! The reputation of Alanya as one of the best partycities is true!

Me and Olivia in action

Olivia, Jessica and Emelie

One of the clubs - Robin Hood

Bartender show at Panderosa


Our awesome friends - some of the crew from Panderosa

Im a bartender

My girls

My sweet Olivia

Best friends

Tolga and Michael

This is how much fun we had (failed jumppicture)!
If I would describe party with one word I would say Alanya!


In Alanya, you can find a lot of shopping to good prices! Both in stores and on markets. In the centrum you find a shoppingarea called "Bazaar". You can find many brands like Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and so on. Most of the prices are cheaper then regular stores, but still it is important to try to bargain with the price. The seller mostly tries to get a higher price than it is worth, to make more money, so do not buy anything without try to bargain. You will be surprised if you have patience!
I bought candlelights, a onepiece, a photoalbum, a bag, a wallet, a dress, bracelets, keyrings, souveniers and much more. The good thing with the shopping is that it open during the evening, so you can go shopping after dinner if you want to. Most of the stores and markets close at midnight. That is good, right?
The shopping will not disappoint you!


During my two visits, I stayed in two different hotels. The first time in june, me and Olivia stayed on "Grand Okan", a four star hotel and in august, me and mom stayed on "Gardenia", also a four star hotel. Both of the hotels lies in a "hotel line" along with Kleopatra beach. From both hotels it is only 20 meters to the beach! You can walk to the center, it is 100-600 meters (depending on where you are going) to restaurants, shopping and for example mini golf.
What did I think about the hotels then?
Both hotels are very fresh, nice, clean and with good service. They are almost neighbours, so the distance to activities are not that different. The price for the week was also almost the same. We paid around 5000-6000 swedish crowns (500-600 euro) for the hotel, the flight and the transport from the airport. On the hotels you could find photographer, hairdresser, masseurs and service 24 hours a day every day.
On "Grand Okan" we lived on the groundfloor and had a cozy balcony and had a view over the beach. We had breakfast and dinner included in the price. The buffet was delicious! The restaurant was on the groundfloor and also around the poolarea. The pool was quite big, also a childrenpool, had a poolbar where you could buy drinks or icecream and there was many sunbeds available.
On "Gardenia" we lived on the fifth floor and had a beautiful view over the beach, ocean and the cliff. We had only breakfast included in the price, but it was yummie! The restaurant were on the top floor, so you had a very good start on your day with the outlook over the city. Along the sides of the hotel there was balconies, so it was only around 10 tables to sit outside. The poolarea was quite small, but it had a childrenpool and a waterslide.
Pictures from "Grand Okan":


At the restaurant

Our cozy balcony

The hotel from the frontside
Pictures from "Gardenia":

View from our balcony

The hotel

Me on our balcony

View over the park

View from the restaurant on the topfloor
I can recommend both of the hotels! But....
If you want a fresh and nice pool - choose "Grand Okan".
If you want a amazing view - choose "Gardenia".


At the same time as we were in Alanya, it was a soccergame between Sweden and France and also the swedish tradition Midsummer. You thought you will miss them both, but you were wrong! In Alanya they like to arrange events for the tourists!
We went to the restaurant and bar "Panderosa" to watch the soccer. The restaurant had fixed a bigscreen so everybody could see it. It was a really nice mood to sit with a lot of swedes and scream of happiness together when Sweden made a goal. Many people also had Sweden-shirt, Sweden-flags on their cheeks, Sweden-wig, even better for the mood! It was really fun to experience a soccergame in Alanya!

The bigscreen in the background

Go Sweden!
A beachclub called "Palm Beach Club" (located on Kleopetra Beach) arranged an event for Scandinavien people to celebrate Midsummer. For 100 turkish lira, which represent 50 euro or 400 swedish crowns you got yourself a ticket and this is what the price included: Dinner, dessert, snaps, a performance with a magician, two performances with the swedish artist Nanne Grönwall, singalong with all the guest, dancing around the midsummer-pole and an amazing evening with a lot of memories. It was over 100 tourists and guests in different ages who celebrate, singing and dancing together on the club and the beach. As you can see on the pictures, it is a tradition to wear a Midsummer-wreath made of flowers. Are they not beuatiful?

Swedish Midsummer-food

Olivia and Jessica

Nanne Grönwall in action

My Midsummer-company

Olivia and me

The great Nanne Grönwall

Swedish Midsummer-pole

Dancing around the Midsummer-pole

Mingle with Nanne Grönwall
A great eveing!
Alanya will take good care of you and your traditions!


I just have to recommend this amazing and lovely dessert! It is called "Chocolate Waterfall" and as you can hear on the name it is a real chocolatedream. I have never heard of "Chocolate Waterfall" before, so for me it was a very good surprice.  So, for you who loves chocolate - don´t miss this dessert!
You can find it in a lot of restaurants, we tasted the dessert in the restaurants "Villa Okan" and "Panderosa". If you try it once, I can garantee you that before you go home again and the next time you come to Alanya - you will eat a "Chocolate Waterfall".
It looks like a muffin with icecream.....
(Villa Okan)
But on the inside a melted chocolate waterfall is waiting....
Yummie! Anyone who want to taste a "Chocolate Waterfall"?


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