So, now it is time for me to show you Alanya! I do not know for sure were to begin, because there are so many amazing things to say about the city! I think I will start with some basic facts just so everyone knows what I am talking about.
Alanya is a quite big city in southern Turkey along the Mediterranean. Alanya has about 260 000 citizens, but during the tourismseason between march and october it comes over 200 000 tourists from all over the world. Many peoples first reaction when they hear Alanya is "party", but I can guarantee you that the city has alot more to offor. You have the perfect beach to relax on, beachclubes with cold poolwater and fresh smoothies, you can drive MyPet, go for a boattrip for a day out on the open ocean, fix your nails&hair for a very good price (with good results), you can drive jetski along the beach or fly above it in paragliding, go to turkish spa called hamam, visit aqualands or take a tour up to the stunning cliff with unbeatable views - do whatever you want to do on your vaccation. There are several nice and fresh hotels 25-50 meters from the beach and 300-700 meters to the partylife. You can find good and tasty restaurangs on every street in every corner, but every cities have their foodpearls. So if you are looking for a vaccation with relax, romance, party, adventure, attractions - you can find it in Alanya. And it do not matter if you want to travel with friends, family or boyfriend - Alanya has something for everyone in every times. Why do you not give it a try?
Fresh smoothies at Palm Beach Club
A photophrame with a memory for life in the harbor
I love to lay back in the sun with some sand between my toes
Have I found your attention for Alanya yet?


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