I thought I could share some informationon about myself to you just so you know a little bit of who I am. Well, my name is Hanna Skogersson. I live with my family (mom, dad, big sister) in a small town in Sweden called Karlskrona. I am 18 years old and I am a senior in highschool, so this summer it is finally my turn to graduate! On my freetime I mostely study, spending times with my friends&boyfriend and training. I like powerwalking, watching movies and Ben&Jerrys (icecream). I LOVE to travel and I have been to many destinations in European countries, for example Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Finland, Denmark and France. My favoritecities of my trips are Paris, Santorini, Venice, Alanya and Barcelona (feel free to ask anything about theese cities aswell!). My dream after graduating is to go to Australia as an au-pair or a roadtrip in USA. Any tips? Then please share them with me!
My lovely sister and I on Kleopatra Beach in Alanya
Some of my amazing girls in fantastic Paris
Me and my best friend in Alanya
Like I said, I love to travel and before I die I have a looooooong list with destinations I want to visit!


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