It is not yet known by whom or when Alanya was built. Alanya was from the beginning called Coracesium and was a very small city with few citizens. It is said that the people who came to Coracesium were people who spread after the Trojan War. In year 1226, sultan Alaadin Keykubat conquered the city after five years of fight. The former name Coracesium was replaced to Alaiye, which means Alaadin´s city. Alaadin was the one who constructed the fortress on the 300 meters high cliff between the years 1226-1232. The fortress was built to protect the city against enemies. The wall around the fortress is 6 km long and has 140 watchtowers. The starting point of the fortress is the 33 meters high Red Tower. The tower was built to keep the harbor under surveillance and to protect the important shipyard called The Seljuk Shipyard. Alaadin also thought that Red Tower should symbolize the Turkish rule over the sea. The city was called Alaiye until year 1934 when the former president and great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk renamed the city to Alanya because he allegedly dismisses the name.

The Red Tower and the great wall

The Seljuk Shipyard
In front of The Seljuk Shipyard at night
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a military and politician who became the founder of the Turkish Rebublic. In 1923 he became the first republic president and had that position until 1938, the year he died. During his years as the president he implemented extensive reforms and brought Turkey in a westerly direction. He introduced that every turkish must have a last name, public schooling, encouraged women to education, modernization of the Turkish language and he abolished many religious offices. Atatürk united country and united the flag. His name means Father of the Nation and his motto was: "Peace at home, peace in the world".
In the middle of the city there is a staty of Atatürk with his famous motto written in turkish
Now you know some of Alanyas fascinating history. You did not thought that about Alanya, right?


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