Something that is unique with Alanya is the amazing cliff with the old fortress. The city have the "typical vaccation-attractions", but they also have some experiences that stands out, like the cliff.
The cliff is about 265 meters high and the road to the top is about 3 km. You can walk (I really recommend that, fantastic views!) but it is pretty much uphill. Do not forget that it is a easy way down. Other opitions are taxi, moped or if you have your own car (you can park your moped or car on the top). I tried to drive MyPet, but it did not work out very well.
You can stop almost everywhere along the road if you want to. During this 3 km you can find wonderful views to fotograph together with the cliff and the fortress in the background. The views are incredible both during day and night, especially during sunset. My recommendation is to visit the cliff in both daylight and on the evening - it is worth it.
The cliff is not just a cliff. You can find restaurants (my favorite "Panorama" for example), markets, souvenirs and places to buy cold and cool drinks.
The following pictures are taken on the end of the road at sunset:
If you want to, you can continue to the top of the cliff (100 meters) and visit the ruins of the castle, get some information about the fortress and also get a even better view over the city. Then you have to pay 10 turkish lira, which represent 5 euro or 40 swedish crowns. This is how it looks from the top in daylight:
How about that view?


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