Something that is fantastic, amasing and gives you memory for life is the incredible sunset at the beach. You can buy with you some snacks and have a picnic, take lovely photos or just relax and enjoy the wonderful view. Taking professional photos on the beach is very popular. The price varies a little bit from hotel to hotel (which is the simplest way to find a professional photagrafer), but it costs around 250 lira, which represent 125 euro or 1000 swedish crowns. The price includes that you get all the photos with you and also a few examples printed out for you. When you are done with your photomoments, I really recommend you to take a evening swim. It is the perfect way to finish your day on.
Does it look lovely to you?


Vilken härlig blogg Hanna! Riktigt fina bilder & roliga inlägg haha! :D keep up with the good work!

Svar: Tack brownie! Hihi, jag ska göra mitt bästa! :D

2013-03-05 @ 22:55:23

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