If you are looking for foodexperiences, Alanya has alot of restaurants to choose from. You can find anything from turkish kebab called "Döner" to tasteful pasta to delicious meet and freshly caught fish. When I am on a new destination I like to try diffrent restaurants and different dishes because I always want to  try something new. In the end of the vaccation I like to return the favoriterestaurant of the week to enjoy another delicious dish. To eat the goodest dish you eat that week is a good end of your vaccation (including the best dessert of course)!
(For lunch you often eat something from the beachrestaurant, mostely including salad, hamburger, pizza, dönerkebab, toasts or sandwiches)
Even if you eat the same dish on two different restaurants, I can ensure you that it will not taste the same. During my time in Alanya I fell in love with the pastadishes, especially "Pasta Alfredo" and "Pesto Ravioli". Favoritedishes also means favoriterestaurants. I have three favorites in Alanya. "Villa Okan" - in the middle of the city, "Panorama" - on the way up to the cliff and "Marina" - in the harbour.
"Villa Okan":
The restaurant lies in the middle of the city, very close to the party, the salongs for nails&hair, the shopping - it lies in the middle of it. But it is still a very quiet and cozy restaurant. Every night they have nice and calm livemusic in a corner, very beautiful lighting and fun staff. Here you want to try their "Pasta Alfredo" and for dessert you must try "Chocolate Waterfall". If you like chocolate, you will not regret it, I promise.
On the way up to the top of the cliff you will find the wonderful restaurant "Panorama". The most amazing thing with the restaurant is the fantastic view that you have over the ocean and the city. It makes the dinner even better. "Panorama" is very famous for their meatdishes and they have a wide variety on their menu. But if you like pasta, you must try their "Pesto Ravioli", it is one of the  best dishes I have eaten in my hole life!
The restaurant is located in the harbour in a line with other restaurants. But still does "Marina" stand out of the crowd. The restaurant is, as you might hear, famous for their delicious fishdishes. But I am not a big fan of fish, so once again I choosed pasta. "Marina" do also have a very good "Pasta Alfredo".  Here you can sit and eat on a "balcony" over the "groundrestaurants", which gives you an amazing view over the cliff together with the lighting. Behind the restaurant you will come to a shoppingstreet, so this restaurant is near to everything - shopping, harbour, cliff - you name it.
Enjoy your meal!


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