One of my favoriteexperience in Alanya is to rent a MyPet. It is like a electric scooter on three wheel and you can choose if you want to stand up or sit down on your MyPet (there are two types of it). This is the perfect way to see and experience the city. When we rent it, we drove through the harbour, the bazaar, cozy parks and along the beachwalk. Of course you can stop for a while and take some photos if you want, beacuse you will surely find some beautiful photoopportunities during your drive.You gas and decide how fast/slow you want to drive by yourself. When you rent a MyPet, it includes a helmet, if you want to use it. You can find rental of MyPets here and there, so it is not hard to find.
If you rent a MyPet, the price is 20 turkish lira for 1 hour, which represent 10 euro or 80 swedish crowns.
MyPet is really fun and you get a lot out of it!
Anybody who wants to go for a ride?


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