When I was in Alanya I decided to make some interviews with some tourists with different age and different travelcompany. I wanted to know why they had chosed to come to Alanya on their vaccation. I ask people on the beach, on the restaurants, on the cliff and at bars. Was it the party? The beach? The attractions? The weather? Well, here is the answers:
Jennie, adult, Sweden, traveling with husband:
Alot for the money, good prices for the trip, affordable, excellent food, the views and the hospitality.
Klaes, 22, Denmark, traveling with "his boys":
The best place if you are looking for an amazing partyplace on the night and a great beach with beers&volleyball on the day.
Bert and Olga, pensioners, Norway, traveling with their sons family:
Interest in Alanyas fascinating history with the cliff, Atatürk and ancient ruins. Childfriendly for the grandchildren. Fun and memorable excursions. Palm Beach Club because they have a pool on the beach for the little ones.
Johanna, 19, Sweden, traveling with her best friend:
Party, the nice people (both tourists and turkish), good drinks, the ocean is perfect to swin out and relax on an airmattress without streams, the weather is just right and the fantastic boattours out on the open ocean.
Göran and Helen, adult, Sweden, traveling with their two teenagegirls (17&19):
Perfect mix for the whole family - the kids have their activities at the beach, party and the adults can enjoy a excursion over the day or walk in the city or up the cliff. Familyactivities as well - MyPet, boattours, rent a car or moped, eating dinner on delicious restaurants, paraglyding over the beach, play minigolf. Everyone in the family get something great out of this destination.
The cliff is popular with both the local people and the tourists
 I also asked one male turkish and one female guide working for Apollo why they think Alanya is such a popular destination:
Huseyin, 26, working at "Panderosa Bar & Restaurant":
The weather and the temperature, the people here are lovely, the partylife, the late sunset, everything you want or need is always near, famous tiny bananas, water from three different sides, the harbour and the cliff with the view - everything you wish for during your vaccation you could find in Alanya.
Emelie, 21, Sweden, guide for Apollo:
The city has so much to offer, it is really the perfect place to spend your vaccation on. The city has something for all ages, all kinds of travelcompany and for all sizes of wallets. Unique shopping and excursion. Very nice and friendly people. Perfect temperature. You will not regret it if you visit Alanya.
In the harbour ready for a boattour over the day
And as you can see on the picture, do not forget to drink water!


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