The perfect way to start your vaccation in Alanya is to go and try turkish spa called hamam. You will feel relaxed, fresh and like a whole new person. Besides, when your body is grazed, the tan will be smoother and hold longer. In Alanya there are different hamams you can go to, but during my visits in the city I went to "Cemberlitas". The good thing about this hamam is that it is connected to many hotels, which means they have cars and drivers for free pick-up and gives you ride back to the hotel you are staying at.
The entrance of "Cemberlitas"
Hamam is divided into nine steps:
1. 85 degrees hot dry sauna
2. Steam
3. Shower
4. Cold bubblepool
5. Full bodyscrub for dead skin cells
6. Full body foam massage
7. Relaxation, facemask and turkish appletea
8. Wash
9. Full body massage with massageoil
In hamam there is separate departments for women and men. In the departments there is only professional staff from the same sex as the visitors. When you arrive you will have a towel, flipflops and a locker to put your clothes and money in. You should know that during hamam you will wear swinsuits, but ladies will probably take of your bikinitop. The staff will also pull down a bit of your bikinibottom or swimmingtrunks during the massages of your back.
The price for hamam is 60 turkish lira, which represent 30 euro or 240 swedish crowns. It is a very good price for the treatment, because what would all theese steps cost in your country?

One of the massagerooms
(On the picture it is men because I did not have my camera in there, but it looks the same for women)
I promise that you will not regret if you would go to hamam!


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