When you are on vaccation, it is nice to have fresh and smooth feet for all the barefootsituations. If you do not want to scrub them yourself or if you do not have time, I can recommend you to try Fishspa! There are small fish that eat your dead skin on your feet and afterwards they feel very soft and clean. Although, when the fish are eating your dead skin you may feel a very tickling sensation, so the first five minutes can feel a little uncomfortable before you start to enjoy it. But it is a really relaxing experience for about 30-45 minutes. And also, you will help some hungry fishes to get some dinner, so it is two birds with one stone!

It is tickling....

They give you some turkish appletea

The fishes in action

Very nice and helpful service

Someone who dares to try?


This seems to be nice :). I would like to visit Alanya, looking forward to read more in your blogg.

Svar: Hi! I am very glad to hear that you like my blog! You should try out fishspa if you comes to alanya :) it is worth the tickling! Love Hanna

2013-01-27 @ 11:12:50

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