Aqua Park is the perfect experience for families, couples and friends. The waterpark is adapted to all ages and you can find all types of fun. The waterpark includes waterslides, wildstreams wavemachine, riverpower, 5 swimmingpools (for kids too), lifegurads, sunbeds, lunchplaces, a liitle store and cool drinks. Unfortunately you can not bring your own water or food into Aqua Park, so you must buy everything you want in the waterpark. Aqua Park is located in the centrum of Alanya, so no matter which hotel you are staying at, it is not far away. The price is 25 lira per person excluding lunch, which represent 12,5 euro or 100 swedish crowns. Aqua Park is really fun place to spend a day at, you should try it to!
Anyone who wants to spend a day in the sun here?


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