Something that is fantastic, amasing and gives you memory for life is the incredible sunset at the beach. You can buy with you some snacks and have a picnic, take lovely photos or just relax and enjoy the wonderful view. Taking professional photos on the beach is very popular. The price varies a little bit from hotel to hotel (which is the simplest way to find a professional photagrafer), but it costs around 250 lira, which represent 125 euro or 1000 swedish crowns. The price includes that you get all the photos with you and also a few examples printed out for you. When you are done with your photomoments, I really recommend you to take a evening swim. It is the perfect way to finish your day on.
Does it look lovely to you?


Aqua Park is the perfect experience for families, couples and friends. The waterpark is adapted to all ages and you can find all types of fun. The waterpark includes waterslides, wildstreams wavemachine, riverpower, 5 swimmingpools (for kids too), lifegurads, sunbeds, lunchplaces, a liitle store and cool drinks. Unfortunately you can not bring your own water or food into Aqua Park, so you must buy everything you want in the waterpark. Aqua Park is located in the centrum of Alanya, so no matter which hotel you are staying at, it is not far away. The price is 25 lira per person excluding lunch, which represent 12,5 euro or 100 swedish crowns. Aqua Park is really fun place to spend a day at, you should try it to!
Anyone who wants to spend a day in the sun here?


When you are on vaccation, it is nice to have fresh and smooth feet for all the barefootsituations. If you do not want to scrub them yourself or if you do not have time, I can recommend you to try Fishspa! There are small fish that eat your dead skin on your feet and afterwards they feel very soft and clean. Although, when the fish are eating your dead skin you may feel a very tickling sensation, so the first five minutes can feel a little uncomfortable before you start to enjoy it. But it is a really relaxing experience for about 30-45 minutes. And also, you will help some hungry fishes to get some dinner, so it is two birds with one stone!

It is tickling....

They give you some turkish appletea

The fishes in action

Very nice and helpful service

Someone who dares to try?


Something that is unique with Alanya is the amazing cliff with the old fortress. The city have the "typical vaccation-attractions", but they also have some experiences that stands out, like the cliff.
The cliff is about 265 meters high and the road to the top is about 3 km. You can walk (I really recommend that, fantastic views!) but it is pretty much uphill. Do not forget that it is a easy way down. Other opitions are taxi, moped or if you have your own car (you can park your moped or car on the top). I tried to drive MyPet, but it did not work out very well.
You can stop almost everywhere along the road if you want to. During this 3 km you can find wonderful views to fotograph together with the cliff and the fortress in the background. The views are incredible both during day and night, especially during sunset. My recommendation is to visit the cliff in both daylight and on the evening - it is worth it.
The cliff is not just a cliff. You can find restaurants (my favorite "Panorama" for example), markets, souvenirs and places to buy cold and cool drinks.
The following pictures are taken on the end of the road at sunset:
If you want to, you can continue to the top of the cliff (100 meters) and visit the ruins of the castle, get some information about the fortress and also get a even better view over the city. Then you have to pay 10 turkish lira, which represent 5 euro or 40 swedish crowns. This is how it looks from the top in daylight:
How about that view?


One of my favoriteexperience in Alanya is to rent a MyPet. It is like a electric scooter on three wheel and you can choose if you want to stand up or sit down on your MyPet (there are two types of it). This is the perfect way to see and experience the city. When we rent it, we drove through the harbour, the bazaar, cozy parks and along the beachwalk. Of course you can stop for a while and take some photos if you want, beacuse you will surely find some beautiful photoopportunities during your drive.You gas and decide how fast/slow you want to drive by yourself. When you rent a MyPet, it includes a helmet, if you want to use it. You can find rental of MyPets here and there, so it is not hard to find.
If you rent a MyPet, the price is 20 turkish lira for 1 hour, which represent 10 euro or 80 swedish crowns.
MyPet is really fun and you get a lot out of it!
Anybody who wants to go for a ride?


The perfect way to start your vaccation in Alanya is to go and try turkish spa called hamam. You will feel relaxed, fresh and like a whole new person. Besides, when your body is grazed, the tan will be smoother and hold longer. In Alanya there are different hamams you can go to, but during my visits in the city I went to "Cemberlitas". The good thing about this hamam is that it is connected to many hotels, which means they have cars and drivers for free pick-up and gives you ride back to the hotel you are staying at.
The entrance of "Cemberlitas"
Hamam is divided into nine steps:
1. 85 degrees hot dry sauna
2. Steam
3. Shower
4. Cold bubblepool
5. Full bodyscrub for dead skin cells
6. Full body foam massage
7. Relaxation, facemask and turkish appletea
8. Wash
9. Full body massage with massageoil
In hamam there is separate departments for women and men. In the departments there is only professional staff from the same sex as the visitors. When you arrive you will have a towel, flipflops and a locker to put your clothes and money in. You should know that during hamam you will wear swinsuits, but ladies will probably take of your bikinitop. The staff will also pull down a bit of your bikinibottom or swimmingtrunks during the massages of your back.
The price for hamam is 60 turkish lira, which represent 30 euro or 240 swedish crowns. It is a very good price for the treatment, because what would all theese steps cost in your country?

One of the massagerooms
(On the picture it is men because I did not have my camera in there, but it looks the same for women)
I promise that you will not regret if you would go to hamam!


It is not yet known by whom or when Alanya was built. Alanya was from the beginning called Coracesium and was a very small city with few citizens. It is said that the people who came to Coracesium were people who spread after the Trojan War. In year 1226, sultan Alaadin Keykubat conquered the city after five years of fight. The former name Coracesium was replaced to Alaiye, which means Alaadin´s city. Alaadin was the one who constructed the fortress on the 300 meters high cliff between the years 1226-1232. The fortress was built to protect the city against enemies. The wall around the fortress is 6 km long and has 140 watchtowers. The starting point of the fortress is the 33 meters high Red Tower. The tower was built to keep the harbor under surveillance and to protect the important shipyard called The Seljuk Shipyard. Alaadin also thought that Red Tower should symbolize the Turkish rule over the sea. The city was called Alaiye until year 1934 when the former president and great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk renamed the city to Alanya because he allegedly dismisses the name.

The Red Tower and the great wall

The Seljuk Shipyard
In front of The Seljuk Shipyard at night
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a military and politician who became the founder of the Turkish Rebublic. In 1923 he became the first republic president and had that position until 1938, the year he died. During his years as the president he implemented extensive reforms and brought Turkey in a westerly direction. He introduced that every turkish must have a last name, public schooling, encouraged women to education, modernization of the Turkish language and he abolished many religious offices. Atatürk united country and united the flag. His name means Father of the Nation and his motto was: "Peace at home, peace in the world".
In the middle of the city there is a staty of Atatürk with his famous motto written in turkish
Now you know some of Alanyas fascinating history. You did not thought that about Alanya, right?


When I was in Alanya I decided to make some interviews with some tourists with different age and different travelcompany. I wanted to know why they had chosed to come to Alanya on their vaccation. I ask people on the beach, on the restaurants, on the cliff and at bars. Was it the party? The beach? The attractions? The weather? Well, here is the answers:
Jennie, adult, Sweden, traveling with husband:
Alot for the money, good prices for the trip, affordable, excellent food, the views and the hospitality.
Klaes, 22, Denmark, traveling with "his boys":
The best place if you are looking for an amazing partyplace on the night and a great beach with beers&volleyball on the day.
Bert and Olga, pensioners, Norway, traveling with their sons family:
Interest in Alanyas fascinating history with the cliff, Atatürk and ancient ruins. Childfriendly for the grandchildren. Fun and memorable excursions. Palm Beach Club because they have a pool on the beach for the little ones.
Johanna, 19, Sweden, traveling with her best friend:
Party, the nice people (both tourists and turkish), good drinks, the ocean is perfect to swin out and relax on an airmattress without streams, the weather is just right and the fantastic boattours out on the open ocean.
Göran and Helen, adult, Sweden, traveling with their two teenagegirls (17&19):
Perfect mix for the whole family - the kids have their activities at the beach, party and the adults can enjoy a excursion over the day or walk in the city or up the cliff. Familyactivities as well - MyPet, boattours, rent a car or moped, eating dinner on delicious restaurants, paraglyding over the beach, play minigolf. Everyone in the family get something great out of this destination.
The cliff is popular with both the local people and the tourists
 I also asked one male turkish and one female guide working for Apollo why they think Alanya is such a popular destination:
Huseyin, 26, working at "Panderosa Bar & Restaurant":
The weather and the temperature, the people here are lovely, the partylife, the late sunset, everything you want or need is always near, famous tiny bananas, water from three different sides, the harbour and the cliff with the view - everything you wish for during your vaccation you could find in Alanya.
Emelie, 21, Sweden, guide for Apollo:
The city has so much to offer, it is really the perfect place to spend your vaccation on. The city has something for all ages, all kinds of travelcompany and for all sizes of wallets. Unique shopping and excursion. Very nice and friendly people. Perfect temperature. You will not regret it if you visit Alanya.
In the harbour ready for a boattour over the day
And as you can see on the picture, do not forget to drink water!


If you are looking for foodexperiences, Alanya has alot of restaurants to choose from. You can find anything from turkish kebab called "Döner" to tasteful pasta to delicious meet and freshly caught fish. When I am on a new destination I like to try diffrent restaurants and different dishes because I always want to  try something new. In the end of the vaccation I like to return the favoriterestaurant of the week to enjoy another delicious dish. To eat the goodest dish you eat that week is a good end of your vaccation (including the best dessert of course)!
(For lunch you often eat something from the beachrestaurant, mostely including salad, hamburger, pizza, dönerkebab, toasts or sandwiches)
Even if you eat the same dish on two different restaurants, I can ensure you that it will not taste the same. During my time in Alanya I fell in love with the pastadishes, especially "Pasta Alfredo" and "Pesto Ravioli". Favoritedishes also means favoriterestaurants. I have three favorites in Alanya. "Villa Okan" - in the middle of the city, "Panorama" - on the way up to the cliff and "Marina" - in the harbour.
"Villa Okan":
The restaurant lies in the middle of the city, very close to the party, the salongs for nails&hair, the shopping - it lies in the middle of it. But it is still a very quiet and cozy restaurant. Every night they have nice and calm livemusic in a corner, very beautiful lighting and fun staff. Here you want to try their "Pasta Alfredo" and for dessert you must try "Chocolate Waterfall". If you like chocolate, you will not regret it, I promise.
On the way up to the top of the cliff you will find the wonderful restaurant "Panorama". The most amazing thing with the restaurant is the fantastic view that you have over the ocean and the city. It makes the dinner even better. "Panorama" is very famous for their meatdishes and they have a wide variety on their menu. But if you like pasta, you must try their "Pesto Ravioli", it is one of the  best dishes I have eaten in my hole life!
The restaurant is located in the harbour in a line with other restaurants. But still does "Marina" stand out of the crowd. The restaurant is, as you might hear, famous for their delicious fishdishes. But I am not a big fan of fish, so once again I choosed pasta. "Marina" do also have a very good "Pasta Alfredo".  Here you can sit and eat on a "balcony" over the "groundrestaurants", which gives you an amazing view over the cliff together with the lighting. Behind the restaurant you will come to a shoppingstreet, so this restaurant is near to everything - shopping, harbour, cliff - you name it.
Enjoy your meal!


My first tips will of course be the amazing and wonderful beach in Alanya. Kleopatra beach is the beach on the east side of the cliff. There is also a beach on the west side of the cliff, but it is the "bad" beach - full of rocks&stones, trash and no tourists. Kleopatra is the beach to choose. The sunchairs are divided in lines after hotels, so if you want a sunchair you can not decide where you want to lay (unless you want to lay on a towel). Each "hotelpart" have sunchairs and foodplaces with lunch, snacks and drinks. They have personal who works at the beach around their guests, so if you want something, you can order from them and have it delivered to your place. Sounds good to me!
Anybody who wants to lay here in the sun for a day?


So, now it is time for me to show you Alanya! I do not know for sure were to begin, because there are so many amazing things to say about the city! I think I will start with some basic facts just so everyone knows what I am talking about.
Alanya is a quite big city in southern Turkey along the Mediterranean. Alanya has about 260 000 citizens, but during the tourismseason between march and october it comes over 200 000 tourists from all over the world. Many peoples first reaction when they hear Alanya is "party", but I can guarantee you that the city has alot more to offor. You have the perfect beach to relax on, beachclubes with cold poolwater and fresh smoothies, you can drive MyPet, go for a boattrip for a day out on the open ocean, fix your nails&hair for a very good price (with good results), you can drive jetski along the beach or fly above it in paragliding, go to turkish spa called hamam, visit aqualands or take a tour up to the stunning cliff with unbeatable views - do whatever you want to do on your vaccation. There are several nice and fresh hotels 25-50 meters from the beach and 300-700 meters to the partylife. You can find good and tasty restaurangs on every street in every corner, but every cities have their foodpearls. So if you are looking for a vaccation with relax, romance, party, adventure, attractions - you can find it in Alanya. And it do not matter if you want to travel with friends, family or boyfriend - Alanya has something for everyone in every times. Why do you not give it a try?
Fresh smoothies at Palm Beach Club
A photophrame with a memory for life in the harbor
I love to lay back in the sun with some sand between my toes
Have I found your attention for Alanya yet?


I thought I could share some informationon about myself to you just so you know a little bit of who I am. Well, my name is Hanna Skogersson. I live with my family (mom, dad, big sister) in a small town in Sweden called Karlskrona. I am 18 years old and I am a senior in highschool, so this summer it is finally my turn to graduate! On my freetime I mostely study, spending times with my friends&boyfriend and training. I like powerwalking, watching movies and Ben&Jerrys (icecream). I LOVE to travel and I have been to many destinations in European countries, for example Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Finland, Denmark and France. My favoritecities of my trips are Paris, Santorini, Venice, Alanya and Barcelona (feel free to ask anything about theese cities aswell!). My dream after graduating is to go to Australia as an au-pair or a roadtrip in USA. Any tips? Then please share them with me!
My lovely sister and I on Kleopatra Beach in Alanya
Some of my amazing girls in fantastic Paris
Me and my best friend in Alanya
Like I said, I love to travel and before I die I have a looooooong list with destinations I want to visit!


Welcome to my blog, I hope you will like and enjoy it!
I will start my blogposts om monday, so please check in my blog then!
If you want to ask me anything about Alanya or traveling, please do not hesitate to contact me! Comment one of my blogposts or write to me on my mailadress: I promise to answer you and help you as best as I can!
Beautiful sunset from the famous cliff

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