Something that is very unique for Turkey as a country is the turkish culture.
One of the first things you might think of is belly dance. The turkish belly dance have existed for over 1000 years and what stands out for this type of dance is that it says that the turkish dancers are sexier than in other countries. The belly dance is common in two situations. First there is the formal performances on restaurants and clubs and the second is that it is a tradition to do bellydance at weddings and celebrations.
The turkish music is a part of the culture. It is a wide mix of different musicstyles - from traditional music to hip hop. One of the most famous artist is "Tarkan" and his hitsong "Simarik" ("Kiss").
The turkish food is a big subject in turkish culture. Turkish food is knowned for the spices and the colour. You can try a lot of different types of food at the market and in restaurants. My favorite is "Döner Kebab" - the turkish kebab.
The turkish architecture is very fascinating. You can find ruins from "Apollos Temple", city walls and caves for example. Old beautiful buildings are still standing to show. A lof of the turkish culturehistory is saved in museums today - it is a great visit for those who are intrested or if it is a rainy day.
The turkish massage - hamam - stands out for the typical turkish culture.
Something that all tourists will experience is the religion of muslims. In Turkey you will see high and fine mosques with big speakers on the top. They  are there for the call for prayer. Five times every day it plays a turkish prayer out over the city (country). It is not something that disturb you, it is actually quiet relaxing to hear when you are lying there at the beach.
It really is a unique culture and it is very fun to experience it!


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