If you want to explore Alanya by your self, it is nice to talk a walk in the city. But if you want to see more, an easy and smart way to transport is to rent a moped. For 15 euro you can rent a moped for 24 hours (of course you have to add fuel to the price). The good part is that you fit two persons on the moped, the bad part is that it only includes one helmet in the price. But you can add one helmet for a few turkish lira, because a helmet is a must!
You must have a drivinglicens for moped and be used to drive a moped to be able to rent. The turkish traffic is a little more faster and crazier than (at least) swedish traffic. So be a little bit more careful when you are driving in a new country, the rules are not always the same as at home. With a moped you will have a lof of fun and  explorie Alanya in your own way!
(She is just testing the moped on the street)
(Standing still before driving, just wanted the photo without helmets)
The helmets are not so pretty, byt we need them, so drive safely!


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