A little tips for the ladies to do in Alanya is to treat yourself with a manicure. At home many of you propably think the price is too high, so it is not worth it, but in Alanya it costs around 40 turkish lira, which represent 20 euro or 280 swedish crowns. Not too bad price, right? I did my manicure on the salong "Cut By Celal", which is located in the middle of the centrum. It takes around a halfhour to finish the process. You choose by yourself how long the nails will be and if you want any decoration added (costs a liitle bit extra I think). My nails lasted for 6 weeks (!) before I had to rip them off (with some polishing during the time of course), so it is very good quality nails. You should try it!
The nails from distance
You feel very fresh and good looking, so why do you not give it a try?


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