If you go to the harbour, you will find a lot of different boatexcursions. We choosed "Apollos Pearl" and as you can hear the excursion is with the travelcompany "Apollo". We choosed that tour because my sister have recommended this boat and that we felt that "Apollo" is a serious company if anything would happend.
Our boattour started at 10 a´clock ín the morning from the harbour and were back at 3 a´clock in the afternoon. During the time there was a few stops to take a swin in the ocean. My favoritestop were at a cave (you could swin in) with turquoise water. I really recommend you to bring a waterproof camera!
On deck the crew serves lunch to all the guests and you can drink as much as you want (it is a part of the price). There is also a photographer on board and if you want to you can buy the pictures on land.
The price for the boatexcursion is 85 turkish lira, which represent 42 euro or 340 swedish crowns.

On the way out on the ocean

View from the boat

Kleopatra beach
One of the beautiful caves

My lovely sister
Enjoying the sun
"Apollos Pearl"
On the ocean your tan will get even better, so is it not the perfect excursion?


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