When you are going on vaccation and gonna wear flipflops or sandals, it it nice to have fresh and clean feet. For a low price, you can have a pedicure on a saloon. We went to the saloon "Cut By Celal", they have very lovely and professional staff working. This is what you get for the price:
1. Footbath
2. Fixing nails
3. Scrubbing
4. Footcream
5. Nailpolish
It is worth it, your feet is so soft and fresh afterwards!


If you want a break from the beach or the hotelpool or maybe want to have both of them, you should go to Palm Beach Club. The club is located on Kleopatra Beach. You  have access to the beach with sunbeds and parasols anf there is also a poolarea. Between the beach and the pool you will find a excellent good and fresh bar with both drinks and food. Their lunchmenu is amazing! You can find very tasty salads, sandwiches and pasta. And the smoothies! They are the best smoothies I ever tasted!
The personal are very nice and funny, they are taking good care of you. There is fresh and free toilets for the guests. Shower, volleyballplan and good music. Im gonna let the pictures talk for themselves!
It is a really nice place to hang out a day in the sun!


If you want to explore Alanya by your self, it is nice to talk a walk in the city. But if you want to see more, an easy and smart way to transport is to rent a moped. For 15 euro you can rent a moped for 24 hours (of course you have to add fuel to the price). The good part is that you fit two persons on the moped, the bad part is that it only includes one helmet in the price. But you can add one helmet for a few turkish lira, because a helmet is a must!
You must have a drivinglicens for moped and be used to drive a moped to be able to rent. The turkish traffic is a little more faster and crazier than (at least) swedish traffic. So be a little bit more careful when you are driving in a new country, the rules are not always the same as at home. With a moped you will have a lof of fun and  explorie Alanya in your own way!
(She is just testing the moped on the street)
(Standing still before driving, just wanted the photo without helmets)
The helmets are not so pretty, byt we need them, so drive safely!


Something that is very unique for Turkey as a country is the turkish culture.
One of the first things you might think of is belly dance. The turkish belly dance have existed for over 1000 years and what stands out for this type of dance is that it says that the turkish dancers are sexier than in other countries. The belly dance is common in two situations. First there is the formal performances on restaurants and clubs and the second is that it is a tradition to do bellydance at weddings and celebrations.
The turkish music is a part of the culture. It is a wide mix of different musicstyles - from traditional music to hip hop. One of the most famous artist is "Tarkan" and his hitsong "Simarik" ("Kiss").
The turkish food is a big subject in turkish culture. Turkish food is knowned for the spices and the colour. You can try a lot of different types of food at the market and in restaurants. My favorite is "Döner Kebab" - the turkish kebab.
The turkish architecture is very fascinating. You can find ruins from "Apollos Temple", city walls and caves for example. Old beautiful buildings are still standing to show. A lof of the turkish culturehistory is saved in museums today - it is a great visit for those who are intrested or if it is a rainy day.
The turkish massage - hamam - stands out for the typical turkish culture.
Something that all tourists will experience is the religion of muslims. In Turkey you will see high and fine mosques with big speakers on the top. They  are there for the call for prayer. Five times every day it plays a turkish prayer out over the city (country). It is not something that disturb you, it is actually quiet relaxing to hear when you are lying there at the beach.
It really is a unique culture and it is very fun to experience it!


Something that is typical for Turkey is their special hairtreatment. When my father visit Alanya he goes to a saloon to get a traditional shave with knife and fire. My sister tried to get her eyebrows picked with a string and the result was excellent! It really takes every little straw away and you feel very clean and fresh. The price was 10 lira, which represent 5 euro or 40 swedish crowns.
You should try it, you won´t be disappointed!


If you go to the harbour, you will find a lot of different boatexcursions. We choosed "Apollos Pearl" and as you can hear the excursion is with the travelcompany "Apollo". We choosed that tour because my sister have recommended this boat and that we felt that "Apollo" is a serious company if anything would happend.
Our boattour started at 10 a´clock ín the morning from the harbour and were back at 3 a´clock in the afternoon. During the time there was a few stops to take a swin in the ocean. My favoritestop were at a cave (you could swin in) with turquoise water. I really recommend you to bring a waterproof camera!
On deck the crew serves lunch to all the guests and you can drink as much as you want (it is a part of the price). There is also a photographer on board and if you want to you can buy the pictures on land.
The price for the boatexcursion is 85 turkish lira, which represent 42 euro or 340 swedish crowns.

On the way out on the ocean

View from the boat

Kleopatra beach
One of the beautiful caves

My lovely sister
Enjoying the sun
"Apollos Pearl"
On the ocean your tan will get even better, so is it not the perfect excursion?


When you are reading this I am propably sitting on the airplane to South Africa! I am going to the country together with my class, teachers and headmaster, so it is like a schoolproject for the seniors of my class. We will visit schools, orphanage, museums and go to safari (for example). I am so existed because I love to travel and it is the first time I visit a country in Africa! I think we will have a great time there! Unfortunately I can not blog during the days in South Africa, so you are very welcome to read my blog again in 10 days, on Valentines Day (14 of february)!
Take care!


A little tips for the ladies to do in Alanya is to treat yourself with a manicure. At home many of you propably think the price is too high, so it is not worth it, but in Alanya it costs around 40 turkish lira, which represent 20 euro or 280 swedish crowns. Not too bad price, right? I did my manicure on the salong "Cut By Celal", which is located in the middle of the centrum. It takes around a halfhour to finish the process. You choose by yourself how long the nails will be and if you want any decoration added (costs a liitle bit extra I think). My nails lasted for 6 weeks (!) before I had to rip them off (with some polishing during the time of course), so it is very good quality nails. You should try it!
The nails from distance
You feel very fresh and good looking, so why do you not give it a try?

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