What do you think of turkish people? What have you heard? How do you think they are? Maybe that they are dangerous, they will take on you when you are dancing or that you will be afraid if you are walking in the night? (By the way, never walk alone, especially not in the night, no matter where you are)
Well, actually theese kind of thought it is not special for turkish people. It could happend in Greece as well as in Spain. The reason I am wrighting this is because I know that there excist reputation and prejudice about the turks being creepy and unpleasant. I also was a bit skeptical against turks before my first visit in Alanya, but after I thought that are the opposite to the reputations, meaning really amazing and wonderful.
Turks are very honest, protective and sweet (so are the greeks and the spaniards). Of course you will meet some gooey type or two, but where can you not find them? The people on the destination you are traveling to is a big part of your vaccation. You will meet them every day on the beach, markets and on restaurants. I thought that the turkish people were very nice, friendly and fun.
The crew from Panderosa Bar and Restaurant
Me and Sinan
I met a lot of new friends during my visits in Alanya - both tourists and turks.


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