Something that is very famous about Turkey is their national food. When you are going to Alanya you have to try some of their specialties. You can find all types of food from kebab to pancakes to fruit. The turkish food is very popular with tourists and and often become that dish you want to eat again before you go home from your vacation.
Döner Kebab:
Propably the most famous turkish dish - it is a real kebab in a bread filled with paper-thin slices of meat, lettuce, onion and tomato. Perfect for you who loves kebab.
Ayran give the best coolness on a hot summerday. The drink is made of yoghurt, water and a pinch of salt which is mixed until it becomes fluffy.
When you are at the restaurant and have order your course, the waiter comes with a turkish bread together with some dips. It is like a starter before your dinner.
Chee Köfte:
Chee Köfte is a turkish specialty consisting of raw beef imixed with spices, herbs, onions and bulgur. It is different, but very good. Advised to eat along with water because of the spices.
Apple tea:
You can find apple tea anywhere in Alanya. When you are shopping, getting hamam or doing pedicure - the turks will offer you apple tea. If you like tea, apple tea is very tasty and good.
Gözleme is crispy, delicious pancakes cooked over an open fire on a large round plate. The pancakes are often filled with potatoes, spinach and cream cheese, but you can also choose to take it as a dessert and fill it with chocolate, jam or sugar instead.
The special Alanya banana is smaller, sweeter and more curved than regular bananas. Because of the bananas rapid maturation, it can not be transported long distances, meaning it can only be eaten in Turkey.
Enjoy your meal!


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