When you are going to a destination with a new language, it is good to have some basic knowledge about how to speak in the country you are visiting. The turkish language is very different from english and it is hard to understand, but a few words is easy to remember.
So why is it a benefit to know the language? 
1. It is easier to communicate with the local people.
2. If you can talk the turkish language you will avoid the tourist-stamp, so the turks, for example, will not try to fool you on expensive prices when your shopping.
3. It is fun and good to know and learn a new language.
Here is some of the most common words and phrases you use during a vaccation:
Hello - Merhaba
Good morning - Günaydin
Good bye - Güle güle
How are you? - Nasilsin?
Good - Iyi
All right, okey - Tamam
Yes - Evet
No - Hayir
Thank you - Tesekürler
Can you help me? - Bana yardum edermisiniz?
Right - Saga
Left - Sol Taraf
How much? - Ne kadar?
I want a taxi - I bir taksi istiyorum
I´m staying at... - Ben kalıyorum...
Darling, honey - Askim
I love you - Seni Seviyorum
Seni Seviyorum
Try to remember some of this words, it will help you during your visit in Turkey!


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