If you want to have a relaxing and cozy night, you should go to the harbour. Along the quay you will find a long restaurant-chain and each restaurant has their own speciality. It is really wonderful to enjoy a dinner in the harbour because of the view and the feeling with the ocean. Our favorite was "Restaurant Marina" with seafood and fish as their speciality (but I ate delicious Pasta Alfredo). The restaurants has very tasty and yummie desserts, but if you want to eat ice cream I really recommend you to take your dessert at "Bamyacy Dondurma". It is an icecream bar with homemade flavours. The bar is located near the Red Tower, so why do you not sit down there and enjoy your icecream together with the view?
 Except the view of the Red Tower, there is also an amazing view over the castle. It is really nice to take a evening walk along the harbour with all the lights and boats. For you who want to have some fun with activities there is for example minigolf to play and some bars for you who want to take a drink. In the middle of the harbour it is a small square with a little market of homemade turkish things and souveniers. The "Alanya 2012" frame is standing on the same square for you who want to take a typical tourist-picture in it (of course the year has changed to 2013 now).
The view from "Restaurant Marina"
At the end of the harbour - under Red Tower
A visit to the beautiful harbour is a must when you are in Alanya!


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