If you like water, swimming and excitement, River Rafting is something for you. You go in a big rubberboat and you paddles together. During the ride it will be speed, waves and splashes.
River Rafting is a fullday-excursion who starts at 8 o´clock in the morning. The company will pick up all the guests at thier hotels and then drive you up to the mountains (the drive takes around 2 hours). The first moment to do is a safetyintroduction followed by fitting of helmet and lifejacket. You choose by your self if you want to wear swinsuits or clothes (shorts and a top) under your lifejacket, but the water is quite cold up in the mountains.
In the river you paddle a loop of 2-3 hours. In the rubberboat there is also a instructor during the whole time who gives you help and instructions. Sometimes when it high speed and a sharp turn, the boat could tip and you will fall into the water. It is not dangerous in any way, but you should not be afriad of water or anything like that.
You are 10 persons in one rubberboat. If you are more than 10 persons, it is 2, maybe 3 rubberboats and then it is more like a competition between the boatteams. This is really fun!
The price for a River Rafting - day is 48 turkish lira, which represent 24 and 192 swedish crowns. Lunch, the transer from and to the hotel and the rafting equipment is included in the price.
Here we go!
In action
The whole group
River Rafting is such an adventure - you have fun, you get the excitement, you will see the wonderful nature, you will get some exercise and you will have an amazing day in the sun!  


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