Red Tower is a octagonal tower who is located in the harbour below the cassle. Kiz Kule, its turkish name, was build in the year of 1226. It was then as a guardtower that protected the city from pirates who ravaged the sea.
Today you can explore the tower in three different ways. Red tower is in present Alanya's Ethnographic Museum, which is a good alternative for you who are interested in the worlds different cultures and communities. You could also visit the 33 meters high tower because of the amazing and wonderful view. The entry costs 3 turkish lira, which represent 12 swedish crowns or 1,5 euro.
The third option is a restaurant who is connected with the tower. The restaurant is called "Red Tower Brewery Restaurant" and as you can hear on the name the tower is also a brewery for Alanyas local beer. If you like beer, you should visit the restaurant and try this unique, homemade beer.
It is worth a visit if you like museum, view or beer!


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