Quad Safari is an adventuare on a four-wheeler in the beautiful forest of Alanya. So if you like excitement, speed and nature, Quad Safari is something for you.
Quad Safari is divided into two tours a day, one in the morning (9-13) and one in the evening (14-18). You choose which one you want to go with by yourself. When you first arrive, there is a safety-introduction, followed by a short test-drive with the four-wheeler.You will have eyeglasses, a helmet and a scarf from the crew. Do not wear clothes that you are afraid of, because you can be quite dirty during the drive.
The safari is a tour on 20 kilometres with hills, jaws, water and bumbs. There is always a leader in the front and one in the back. You must be over 16 years old to drive your own Quad, otherwise you must drive together with an grown-up. If you are over 16 years old, you can choose if you want to drive a four-wheeler alone or drive together with your company.
The price for Quad Safari is 85 turkish lira, which represent 340 swedish crowns and 42,5 euro.
During the Quad Safari there is a photographer who takes a lot of photos of you and the whole group. After the drive, you can by some of the photos if you want to (I recommend you to not take your own camera with you!)
Quad Safari is a great adventure with a lot of fun lovely!


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