The cosiest and most comfortable thing to do on a hot summer day in Alanya is to go up to the river Dimcay which is about 30 min away from Alanya. There you can enjoy the cooler climate and fresh mountain water.
In the river there is a restaurant who is serving lunch and dinner, icecream and cool drinks. You are eating on a float with table and sofas. Over the float there is a small roof, so you get some shadow. The food was excellent and the staff was very pleasant.
After the lunch you can take the opportunity to take a swin in the river. You can jump from a trampoline or swing from a vine.
View over Dimcay
Boel and Gustav
My dad
The trampoline
The food
Gustav is swinging in the vine
Dimcay is the perfect combination of fun, relaxing, swimming, eating and excursion!


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