Do you like to cook?
 Alanya has a novelty among the experinces  - a cooking course. At the top of the mountain with an unbeatable view, you can learn to cook a tradional turkish dish and taste some of the most delicious turkish wines. When you are finished with your courses you will all sit down together and eat, drink some wine and enjoy the view. The course is between 9-14 and the price is 65 euro per person. The price include:
Turkish Cooking Classes
Wine Tasting Course
Taste local specialties
Pickup  and dropoff (from and to your hotel)
This is an amazing day which is educational, fun and you meet a lot of wonderful teammates.
The cookingarea
One of the cookingstations
The view from the cookingstation
The turkish leaders
The cookingstations
Turkish wines
In action
This experience is perfect for you who likes cooking, meeting new people and learn more about turkish food!


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